Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

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Sample of Current Searches

Quality / Reg Compliance Job Opportunities Updated 7/20/2020
(Complete descriptions available at www.kleinhersh.com )

Director of QC Microbiology center of excellence - Los Angeles, CA or greater Washington DC
Director of QC Raw Materials & Reagents center of excellence - Los Angeles, CA 

Executive Director Supply Chain Quality - greater Los Angeles, CA
Site Head of Quality greater Los Angeles, CA (commercial, QA, QC, QE)

VP of QA greater Cincinnati, OH (clinical staged cell therapy)
VP of Quality - Cumberland, RI (biologics/devices)

Sample of Recently Completed Searches

  • VP QA/QC for sponsors w/ biologics & small molecule products
  • VP QA/QC cell therapy & gene therapy
  • Vice President of Global Quality w/ clinical staged & commercial sponsors
  • Vice President of Quality w/ CMOs
  • VP of GxP Quality
  • Associate Vice President QA for Global Medical Affairs
  • Head of R&D QA / Executive Director GCP Quality
  • Executive Director Quality Assurance (Head of GxP Quality)
  • Executive Director Quality (QA, QC) Cellular Therapy
  • Senior Director R&D QA (GLP, GCP, PV)
  • Senior Director GxP QA
  • Senior Director QA GMP
  • Senior Director QA GxP
  • Senior Director QC
  • Senior Director GCP QA
  • Site Head Quality GMP for CMOs & Sponsors
  • Director GxP QA: auditing & vendor management
  • Director GxP QA
  • Director GCP QA
  • Director Site Head Quality Operations GMP
  • Director GMP QA CMO
  • Director of Quality Systems
  • Director Commercial GMP QA
  • Associate Director GCP QA
  • Senior Manager GLP QA
  • Senior Manager GCP QA
  • Senior Manager GMP QA
  • Senior GCP Auditor
  • Senior Quality Specialist
  • GCP QA Inspection Hosting/Inspection Readiness Specialist