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My Areas of Expertise
Drug Discovery
Translational Research
Cancer Immunology
Gene Therapy
Gene Editing
Base Editing
Cell Therapy
Preclinical Research
Infectious Disease
Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Allison Greenfield co-leads the discovery and development practice at Klein Hersh. Her core expertise spans a broad range of therapeutic areas and therapeutic modalities, including oncology, immune-oncology, inflammation and autoimmunity, cardiovascular and metabolism, and infectious diseases; small molecules, biotherapeutics, cell therapy, gene therapy, gene editing, base editing, and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).

As the co-leader of the discovery and development practice, Allison’s responsibilities include:

Since joining Klein Hersh in 2006, Allison has been focused on advancing the long-term visions of the companies she partners with, helping build the teams that drive the scientific discoveries that improve human health. Clients who partner with Allison can expect a high-touch personalized experience with rapid presentation of industry leaders meeting the criteria set forth in a search. She values the opportunity to make a lasting impact on every client – and every candidate – that she meets.