Our Network

Making the connections that lead the way.

At Klein Hersh, we recognize that the speed at which we can meet our clients’ urgency to acquire talent is a by-product of our effectiveness in developing deep relationships within all our practice areas. We are in constant communications with our network contacts, assessing and evaluating their personal, professional and financial goals. By keeping our focus on relationship-building, we can better hone our subject matter expertise, stay more relevant and informed, and be better and faster in talent acquisition.  

We know too that finding that perfect fit doesn’t mean finding the most accessible talent. For that reason, a good portion of the talent in our network is passive, which means we have experts who may not be actively seeking new positions, but are keeping an open ear to extraordinary opportunities. Through our deep talent acquisition team, we manage thousands of relationships throughout the year. For you, this means there’s a good chance Klein Hersh already knows exactly who you’re looking for.

Klein Hersh: Driven to solve… today and in the future.

We also recognize that today’s job candidate may be tomorrow’s hiring decision-maker. By maintaining our relationship focus and continuously sharpening our subject matter expertise and talent recruitment strategies, Klein Hersh is uniquely positioned to assist companies at all stages of their growth, as well as candidates at all stages of their careers. 

Klein Hersh maintains in-depth personal relationships with industry leaders around the world in every corner of the life sciences continuum and healthcare industry including: