Bioprocess CMC Development & Operations


Below is a list of our active searches in the Process Development and Manufacturing areas. Feel free to follow up if you would like to learn more, or if anyone comes to mind that you would like to recommend. Our capabilities span across the Pharmaceutical/Biotech/BioPharma industries.

To discuss other areas where we can add value, please call or email:

Todd Rosengarten

Hillary (Drucker) Kaplan

Sample of Current Searches


  • Senior Vice President, Technical Operations (gene therapy) - Boston
  • Vice President, Process Development (cell therapy) - Boston
  • Vice President, Product Development (stem cells) - Boston
  • Vice President/Senior Vice President, Product Development & Manufacturing (Regen Med) - San Francisco
  • Head of CMC (virtual company) - NY/Remote
  • Executive Director, Manufacturing - San Francisco
  • Senior Director, MSAT - Northern NJ
  • Director, Product Quality - Los Angeles
  • Associate Director, Process Development - Philadelphia
  • Senior  Manager/Director, Bioassay - Missouri
  • Senior Manager/Associate Director, Manufacturing - Los Angeles
  • Senior Manager/Associate Director, Process Sciences - Los Angeles
  • Senior Manager, Facilities & Equipment - San Francisco
  • Senior Scientist/Manager, CMC Development (cell therapy) - Houston, TX
  • Senior Scientist, Upstream Development (gene therapy) - San Francisco
  • Research Scientist, Process Development (cell therapy) - RTP, NC
  • Scientist, T-Cell Development - Los Angeles

Sample of Recently Completed Searches

  • Vice President of CMC (T Cells)
  • Vice President of Manufacturing (Stem Cells/Regenerative Medicine)
  • Vice President of Product Development (Stem Cells/Regenerative Medicine)
  • Head of Drug Product Development
  • Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Senior Director, Analytical Quality Control (Cell/Gene Therapy)
  • Director, Analytical Development
  • Director of Antibody Engineering & Upstream Development
  • Director, Manufacturing Assessment
  • Director, MS&T
  • Associate Director, Bioassay Development
  • Associate Director, Drug Product Development
  • Associate Director, Purification Development
  • Associate Research Fellow, Analytical Development
  • Associate Research Fellow, Cell Therapy Manufacturing
  • Senior Bioprocess Engineer
  • Senior CMC Alliance Manager
  • Senior QC Analytical Manager
  • Senior Scientist, Cell Culture Development
  • Manager, Bioassay Development
  • Manager, Downstream Development
  • Research Scientist, Bioanalytical Sciences