Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management

Companies turn to Dan Strauss and his team for access to the top talent in the Drug Safety and Risk Management marketplace, Medical Director-level through VPs/ Heads of Drug Safety.  When organizations need niche-specific skill sets in a very limited amount of time, Klein Hersh Delivers in Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management.

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Dan Strauss

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Sample of Current Searches

  • Therapeutic Area Head, Drug Safety – top 10 global pharma – NJ
  • Senior Medical Director, Pharmacovigilance – Central/North NJ
  • Senior Medical Director, Drug Safety – North NJ or Southern MA
  • Executive Medical Director, Pharmacovigilance in Philadelphia, PA
  • Medical Director, Drug Safety in Cambridge, MA
  • Group Director, Drug Safety in CT
  • Medical Director, Drug Safety in CT
  • Head of Drug Safety – Stamford CT
  • Associate Director, PV Operations in NJ or San Francisco
  • Senior Director, Drug Safety in Cambridge, MA
  • Medical Director, Drug Safety in Cambridge, MA
  • Clinical Project Managers – REMOTELY LOCATED ANYWHERE IN THE US

Sample of Recently Completed Searches

  • Medical Director, Global Drug Safety
  • Senior Medical Director, PVRM
  • Vice President/Head, PV Operations
  • Head, Medical Services
  • Senior Director/Head, Safety Support
  • Senior Director/Head, Safety Analytics & Reporting
  • Senior Director/Head, Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Senior Director/ Head, Risk Management
  • Vice President/Head, Safety Surveillance
  • Senior VP, Global Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management
  • Medical Director, PVRM
  • Senior Director/Head, Biometrics
  • Head of Medical Safety
  • VP, Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Senior Manager/Head, Latin America PV

*Do you need help with your PV department but can’t get the headcount approved?*

We can supply your team with high-level consultants who are ready to tackle any challenge dealing with Pharmacovigilance/Risk Management. These consultants are generally MDs, but we also can deliver non-MD consultants (PharmD, RPh, RN, etc.). Don’t be afraid to inquire about pricing; we can often come up with creative ways to keep you within budget.