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Sample of Current Searches

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Chief Scientific Officer (Oncology)
  • Chief Scientific Officer (Cell Therapy)
  • Chief Scientific Officer (Gene Editing/Gene Therapy)
  • Chief Scientific Officer (Muscle Biology/Rare Disease)
  • Senior Vice President, R&D (Immunology/IO/Antibody Focus)
  • Senior Vice President Translational Research and Early Development 
  • Vice President, Biology (Oncology)
  • Vice President of Biology (Early Discovery)
  • Vice President of Biology (Small Molecules)
  • Vice President, Immunology (Cell Therapy)
  • Vice President of Immunology (I/O and inflammation)
  • Vice President and Head of Immunology (UK)
  • Vice President of Research (Immunology)
  • Vice President of Research (Vaccines)
  • Vice President of Translational Medicine (Oncology)
  • Head of Discovery (Oncology)
  • Head of Human Therapeutics (Midwest)
  • Head of Immunology
  • Head of Translational Science (IO)
  • Executive Director, Drug Concept Discovery (Autoimmunity)
  • Executive Director, Head of Research (Montreal)
  • Senior Director, Liver Disease
  • Director/Senior Director, Antibody Discovery
  • Director of Biology (Oncology)
  • Director of Cell Biology
  • Director/Head of Immunology
  • Director of Protein Sciences (Small molecules)
  • Senior Research Fellow, Translational (Autoimmunity or Fibrosis)
  • Biology Executive In Residence
  • Therapeutic Area Head, Liver Disease

Sample of Recently Completed Searches

  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Chief Scientific Officer (Oncolytic Immunotherapy)
  • Chief Scientific Officer, Gene Therapy
  • President of R&D (I/O focus)
  • Executive Vice President, Research
  • Executive Vice President, Discovery
  • Senior Vice President of Research and Development
  • Senior Vice President, Biology
  • Vice President of Biology
  • Vice President, Biology (Virology)
  • Vice President, Cardiometabolic Disease Research
  • Vice President, Hematological Disease
  • Vice President of Immunology
  • Vice President of Oncology Research
  • Vice President of Translational Biology (Oncology)
  • Vice President of Translational Research
  • Head of Biotherapeutic Discovery
  • Head of Biologics Research
  • Head of External Research
  • Head of Fibrosis Research
  • Executive Director of Biology
  • Executive Director, Antibody Development
  • Executive Director, Cancer Immunology
  • Executive Director, Principal Translational Medicine Expert (IO)
  • Executive Director, Therapeutic Area Head, Immunology and Inflammation
  • Executive Director, Virology Discovery
  • Senior Director of Pharmacology
  • Senior Director of Research (Regenerative Medicine)
  • Senior Director, Cancer Research
  • Director of Biomarkers (Immuno-Oncology)
  • Director of Cancer Pharmacology
  • Director of In Vivo Pharmacology
  • Director of Program Management (Regenerative Medicine)
  • Director of Translational Science (Immuno-Oncology)
  • Director of Translational Strategy (Oncology)
  • Director,  Fibrosis
  • Director, Antibody Development
  • Director, Biology
  • Director, Cancer Biology
  • Director, Immunology
  • Director, Immunology
  • Director, Research (Cancer Immunology)
  • Director, Strategic Partnering, BD&L Immunology
  • Group Director, Oncology
  • Senior Program Lead, Cell Therapy
  • Distinguished Research Fellow, Cancer Immunology Biomarkers
  • Therapeutic Area Head, Therapeutic Innovation & Translational Research