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The Business Case for HEOR and Market Access in Earlier Stage Biopharma Companies

The rising costs of prescription drugs and healthcare delivery is impacting the way the pharmaceutical industry brings new medicines to market. Today, key healthcare stakeholders from the, payer, provider, accountable care organization (ACO), pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), and patient communities are playing an increased role in determining the market access strategies for new drugs.   Concerned with a myriad of ...
May 11, 2018

Courting and Closing Executive Candidates in Life Sciences

The competitive landscape of the life sciences industry is transforming executive recruiting. Growing pressure to rapidly advance scientific discovery and expand market share is making the competition to attract top talent as fierce as ever. Raising the stakes even more for pharma and biotech companies is the current misalignment in the talent market, where demand for the most qualified professionals ...
March 28, 2018