About Klein Hersh

Klein Hersh: Set apart by unmatched success.

Since 1998, Klein Hersh has been solely focused on delivering strategic leadership placement solutions that span the entire life sciences continuum and healthcare industry.

How are we different from other executive recruiting firms? Klein Hersh stands apart through our sharp focus and core competency in life science and healthcare, which form the foundation of our unique value delivery as executive recruiters. We are a team of subject matter experts who provide dedicated support in a broad range of practice areas – aligned functionally with the companies and organizations we serve. By building our firm to mirror the way our clients are organized, we can stay in lock-step with the dynamic needs of the marketplace, helping you fill leadership positions in ways other executive recruiters cannot.

Embedded in life sciences and healthcare. Turning connections into value.

Klein Hersh’s focus on relationships and subject matter expertise empowers our ability to deliver value that goes well beyond our core competency as life sciences and healthcare executive recruiters. Through our deep industry engagement, we drive the connections and conversations that bring life sciences stakeholders together with new strategic partners, investors, and other critical influencers.

By staying continuously active and engaged in all areas of the life sciences industry, we can also bring to the table the real-time market insights that help our clients better plan their talent strategies, define leadership roles, and create compensation/equity programs.