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The Talent Prescription for Generics and Specialty Pharma

By Dan Sherwood / March 13, 2019
Among the hot topics dominating the buzz at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference earlier this year, high on the list were the profound changes impacting generics and specialty pharma. At the conferen...

Common Questions in the Search Process: Advice for Candidates

By Matt Azarva / December 4, 2018
In helping organizations across the healthcare industry build their analytics and data science teams, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with thousands of job candidates. During these countless...

Qualifying a Search Partner: How to Save Time and Reduce Risk

By Michael Frank / September 5, 2018
At the recent HLTH healthcare industry conference in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to meet with the chief executive officer (CEO) of a prominent venture capital-backed digital health company. As we...

Winning the Race for Top Medical Talent

By Jesse Klein / July 16, 2018
Robust capital investment is driving extraordinary growth in the life sciences industry. According to Pitchbook, a researcher covering the venture and private equity markets, $2.8 billion has already ...

The Business Case for HEOR and Market Access in Earlier Stage Biopharma Companies

By Scott Kabo / May 11, 2018
The rising costs of prescription drugs and healthcare delivery is impacting the way the pharmaceutical industry brings new medicines to market. Today, key healthcare stakeholders from the, payer, prov...

Courting and Closing Executive Candidates in Life Sciences

By Daniel Strauss / March 28, 2018
The competitive landscape of the life sciences industry is transforming executive recruiting. Growing pressure to rapidly advance scientific discovery and expand market share is making the competition...