Client Testimonials

Jeanne Magram, Biotech Executive
Greg Carven, Biotech Executive
Paul Sekhri, President & CEO
Michael Henderson, CEO
Gary Glick, PH.D., Founder & CEO
Joe Dustin, VP & GM – eCOA
Andrea Ippolito, CEO & Founder
Lori Hu, Managing Director
Aaron Kantoff, Biotech Investor & Venture Capitalist
Diana Brainard, CEO
Meredith Wesley, Vice President
Jennifer Good, President & CEO
Jason Rizzo, Vice President
“Building relationships takes time, genuine interest, and investment in conversations, dialogue, and curiosity that takes years and years to develop. Todd (Rosengarten) has done exactly that for me, and I am very grateful for his willingness to engage with me. He’s got a choice, no question, and he continues to choose me.”

“We were working with Allison Greenfield and Michael Schoener on a biology search but they were able to identify another candidate outside the scope of the current search that might be a good fit, we wound up bringing this person on in addition to completing the original search. Their ability to have that level of peripheral vision and recognize this “bonus” candidate’s potential was outstanding. KH is the first firm that we’ve directly engaged but I can say they beat out some other folks we were talking to when looking for a search partner. KH’s reputation preceded it and I am happy to report that they  lived up to it!”

“I have worked with Matt (Taitelman) across multiple companies and continue to recommend him. Working with Ethan more this search was equally amazing. The team was credible, fast, friendly 100% recommend! Strong candidates, great communication, collegial approach. A+++ This search made me look like a rock star (thank you Ethan/Matt/Jeff) and we did this so smoothly. Went above and beyond my expectations.”

“Michael Leonard and the Klein Hersh team have been incredible –a true and trusted partner. Michael was the first person I turned to when making my most critical hire –Chief Growth Officer – and oh, my. He provided a Class A slate and worked hand in hand with me to bring onboard an incredibly passionate, driven leader who has been instrumental in moving us forward. And the partnership has not stopped there. Michael has gone far beyond contractual engagements to provide invaluable networking, connections, and assistance in both our commercial and fundraising efforts. For a fast-growing entrepreneurial company, that level of partnership is priceless.”

“I have worked with dozens of recruiters and by far, the experience with Klein Hersh was the most seamless and successful. They minimized the time I needed to spend describing my staffing needs by asking precise and targeted questions. They filtered through hundreds of contacts and narrowed the pool I needed to screen to a handful. Klein Hersh facilitated the interview process and provided honest and balanced evaluations of each candidate’s fit with our organization. From start to finish, it took only one month to hire a product manager with direct industry experience. I highly recommend this team and would definitely work with Klein Hersh again for our future staffing needs.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many recruiters during the past 15 years of my professional career and Klein Hersh’s performance is unparalleled. Their specialists understand the current marketplace among biopharma industries, market trends and health economics and outcomes research. They are very familiar with my professional qualifications, aspirations, likes and dislikes. Naturally, this, coupled with their motivation and work ethic, facilitates expeditious and appropriate job placement. Furthermore, they have a plethora of professional contacts within the pharma and biotech industry having networked with and placed so many individuals. I highly recommend Klein Hersh!”

“Klein Hersh was very aggressive in finding very qualified candidates in spite of the challenge of the job location. I could not be happier with their performance helping me fill this position. They were very thorough in making sure they understood the position and then were able to find a number of potential candidates. With each résumé, Klein Hersh sought feedback on the qualifications to make sure they completely understood the position. During the interview process, they constantly triangulated thoughts and opinions to make sure we — my Klein Hersh representative, me and the candidate — all had the same understandings and expectations.”

“I was down the road with another offer when a specialist at Klein Hersh first called me. In fact, I was about to accept a formal offer. The specialist got me on the phone first with the VP of sales, whom I hit it off with. The following day, I was on the phone with the global VP of sales whom I also hit it off with. They then pushed to get me down to Raleigh for face-to-face meetings where an offer was extended at the end of the day. Overall, I’m very impressed. Job very well done.”

“Klein Hersh was extremely prompt with any information that became available. They were enthusiastic, supportive and found an outstanding opportunity for me that is a particularly good match for my skills and interests. I had a great experience with several people at Klein Hersh!”

“Klein Hersh listened to our needs, identified the appropriate candidates, and communicated and flexed based on what we were finding in the interviews. Very streamlined and tailored to our needs. Mike Leonard is an excellent communicator and kept me informed the entire time with real time updates.”