Do you need help with your PV department but can’t get the headcount approved?

Over the past year and a half, Klein Hersh has seen a significant uptick in the use of contractors/consultants. Following that trend, we have a “stable” of high-level consultants who are ready to tackle any challenge dealing with Pharmacovigilance/Risk Management. These consultants are generally MDs, but we also can supply your team with non-MD consultants (PharmD, RPh, RN, etc.). Don’t be afraid to inquire about pricing; we can often come up with creative ways to keep you within budget.

On average Dan Strauss and his team place more than 40 professionals into the Epidemiology and Drug Safety marketplace (including 20 MDs in 2011 and 26 MDs through November 2012). These placements range from the VP-level in Drug Safety through Manager-level Pharmacoepidemiologists.

To discuss areas where we can add value, please call or email:

Dan Strauss
215-830-9211 ext 120
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Permanent Roles

  • Sr Director – Lead Safety MD (Inflammation/Immunology) in NJ
  • MD with PhD in Epidemiology (any industry or academia) for a large consulting company – remotely located
  • Pharmacovigilance Specialist (non-MD) in Cambridge MA
  • Director of Pharmacovigilance (Head of Department) in MA – phase 3 oncology company
  • AVP, Pharmacovigilance in RTP, NC
  • Head of Safety Evaluation (Top Safety MD, leading a team of 10-12 MDs) – East Coast
  • Medical Director (Head of Department) – Drug Safety in MI – OTC products
  • Senior Director (PharmD/MD), Drug Safety and Compliance in NJ – Diagnostics
  • Director, Drug Safety in the Mid-West
  • Senior Medical Director, Pharmacovigilance/Risk Management in San Francisco – Oncology focus
  • Benefit/Risk Physician in Cambridge MA (Director/Sr Director-level)
  • Senior Medical Director (Safety) in Chicago – Therapeutic Area Lead
  • Global Head, Risk Management in Chicago
  • Manager, Epidemiology in Boston, MA or Washington DC
  • Associate Director, Biostatistics/Registries in Cambridge MA
  • Senior Research Analyst, Epidemiology & Drug Safety in Boston MA, DC or Philly area
  • Principal Research Scientist, Epidemiology/Biostatistics – remotely located or in Charlotte NC


Contract Roles

  • Benefit Risk Physician REMOTELY LOCATED anywhere on the East Coast or Mid-West
  • Epidemiologist/Outcomes Researcher REMOTELY LOCATED – schizophrenia burden of illness work
  • Case Review PV Physician REMOTELY LOCATED – need to be close to either NC or PA/NY/NJ


Active Candidates

VP-Level Epidemiologist

  • MD, ScD (Harvard) Epidemiology with 25+ years industry experience
  • Head of Epidemiology at 2 mid to large-sized pharma companies (total of 7 years)
  • Strong Risk Management Background
  • Local to the East Coast, USA

VP-Level Drug Safety Physician

  • MD with 17+ years in Industry (12 in Big Pharma, 5+ for EU-regulatory agency)
  • Significant Leadership – teams as large as 150 people globally
  • Strong background in Medical Writing and Labeling/Regulatory Affairs in addition to PV
  • Local to the EAST Coast, USA

Senior Director-Level Epidemiologist

  • MD PhD Epidemiology with 15 years of Industry Experience
  • Strong Data/Quantitative background (MPH in Biostats from Harvard)
  • Significant REMS experience
  • Local to NJ

Senior Director-Level Drug Safety Physician

  • MD with 11 years in industry (7 years in a small-pharma setting)
  • All experience within safety, currently a Sr Director leading a team of 7
  • Therapeutic experience within Inflammation, Pulmonary, Oncology
  • Local to CA

If you are more aligned with Health Economics and/or Outcomes Research, please check here for a list of current opportunities.

Recently, our Drug Safety team partnered with a consulting firm specifically focused on PV Audits (ask us about it; we’re happy to point you in their direction).